Interactive Design
Programming for Marcus Lyall's Megastructure


Marcus Lyall

Interactive Design

Bluedot Festival, 2018

Programming of an interactive system using the Leap Motion and Touchdesigner for Marcus Lyall‘s projection ‘Megastructure‘ onto Jodrell Bank’s radio-telescope. A commission by Bluedot Festival 2018, a science and art focused music festival.
The interactive experience uses the user’s hand gestures to generate different patterns, animations as well as the soundtrack, designed by Peter Howell from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Besides Touchdesigner, I also used Disguise to pre-visualise, program and feed the 8 projectors provided and calibrated by Bluman Associates.

We also designed site specific content for The Chemical Brothers’ closing set on the Lovell Stage.
Below is the Lovell Telescope lit by the song ‘Block Rocking Beats’

In 2019, I was then commissioned by Bluman Associates to design visuals that would be projected onto the telescope during Hot Chip’s appearance on the Lovell Stage.

Chemical Brothers content perfectly mapped and synced onto the big telescope….. Disguise synced over OSC…..

Posted by Bluman Associates on Tuesday, July 24, 2018
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